Plumeria Slips

Plumeria Slips
Plumeria Slips
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Plumeria Slips
Those of you who have lived in Hawaii or visited Hawaii, and experienced the fragrant plumeria lei and beautiful blooming plumeria trees, will soon not forget it. In the right conditions, the plumeria tree is easy to grow and can be grown indoors if given ample periods of sunlight or indoor grow-lights and proper temperature and drainage.

Price Includes ShippingSlips are sent by United States Postal Service and take 10-14 days to stage and mail. Upon receiving your plumeria slip, plant no more then two inches into moist soil with excellent drainage. Potting soil or perlite or a combination are good. Don’t water until the first sign of a leaf bud, which will appear moist. Watering or exposure to wet conditions at this stage can cause the slip to rot. The rooting process will take place in 4-6 weeks in late spring and summer. Longer periods may be needed in Fall and Winter. Minimum temperature for rooting is 60 degrees F. At the first sign of the growth tip, water slightly and fertilize.

Here area some important growing tips:
* When a well developed set of leaves are established, water regularly and allow soil to drain and almost dry out.
* Expose to as much sun as possible or use grow lights indoors.
* Make sure that drainage holes are not clogged to prevent standing water. Place gravel in the bottom of the pot before soil to prevent this.
* Water soluble fertilizer should have a phosphorus content of 50 or higher, granular fertilizer content 20 or higher.
* Plumeria are dormant in the Winter (December through February/March) and shouldn’t be watered. Keep soil moist but not wet.
* If grown inside, plumeria are susceptible to whiteflies, spidermites and mealy bugs which can be controlled with a weekly application of insecticidal soap.
* It usually takes about 3 years to flower, but sometimes a young cutting can flower in the first year.
* An established plumeria tree can withstand temperatures as low as 33 degrees but does best in a tropical environment with lots of sun.